CONAN highlight: Samsung vigorously defends itself against Apple’s absurd allegations!


“This setup right here is Samsung being a parasite on Apple. Samsung don’t have someone who can look at the version 1.0 of their product and make his own recommendations for design improvements in version 2.0, so they just stole design from Apple by putting the Apple product up to the light and tracing around it.”

— JohnDoey, in a comment to Samsung’s 2010 Report on AllThingsD

“Apple has a purpose for everything it does, including this lawsuit.”

— Jim Dalrymple, in Apple’s motivation for suing Samsung

“Samsung wrongfully takes advantage of the enormous reputation and prestige of the iPad. Samsung unfairly imitates the iPad with its tablet.”

— Presiding Judge Wilhelm Berneke, quoted in Samsung Fails to Overturn Apple’s German Ban.

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