“Apple’s customers appreciate quality, reliability, and usability in a seamlessly integrated ecosystem, and are willing to pay for it.”

— Kate MacKenzie in When It Comes To iPhone And iPad There Are Two Customer Groups Apple Doesn’t Want Or Need

“Where others offer choices, Apple makes decisions. What some of us appreciate is what so rankles the others — that those decisions have so often and consistently been right.”

— John Gruber, in Open and Shut

“The most important thing to Apple is to make the best products in the world that enrich customers’ lives. That’s our high order bit. That means that we aren’t interested in revenue for revenue’s sake.”

— Tim Cook on Apple earnings and more

“Curiously, cold hard data doesn’t really matter with Apple. Double-digit growth, skyrocketing revenue and profits, these all mean nothing to Wall St. But give the folks on Wall Street a rumor from an anonymous source regarding fewer food deliveries to an iPhone manufacturing plant and everyone goes crazy.”

— Yoni Heisler explaining The Apple double standard

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“When I was a kid, I thought a lot about what made me different from the other kids. I don’t think I was smarter than them and I certainly wasn’t more talented. And I definitely can’t claim I was a harder worker — I’ve never worked particularly hard, I’ve always just tried doing things I find fun. Instead, what I concluded was that I was more curious — but not because I had been born that way. If you watch little kids, they are intensely curious, always exploring and trying to figure out how things work. The problem is that school drives all that curiosity out. Instead of letting you explore things for yourself, it tells you that you have to read these particular books and answer these particular questions. And if you try to do something else instead, you’ll get in trouble. Very few people’s curiosity can survive that. But, due to some accident, mine did. I kept being curious and just followed my curiosity.”

— Aaron Swartz in an email exchange from 2009


Accurate and thoughtful analyze by Charlie Demerjian.

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“This iPhone 5 review unit is the single nicest object in my possession. I own things that cost and remain worth more (e.g. my car). But I own nothing this nice. It sounds hyperbolic to put it that way, but I offer this observation with no exaggeration.”

— John Gruber, reviewing The iPhone 5

“Perhaps Adobe should focus more on creating great HTML5 tools for the future, and less on criticizing Apple for leaving the past behind.”

— Steve Jobs, in Thoughts on Flash April, 2010

“Early reactions have missed the extent of Siri’s capabilities, perhaps confusing it with mere speech recognition or simple keyword-based voice response systems. We believe the use of natural language and potentially the ability to distinguish between voices could one day change the way we interact with electronic devices and provide a substantial technology advantage to Apple. Quite simply, we have not seen a demonstration of comparable AI in any other consumer system.”

— Shannon Cross, Cross Research analyst, quoted in Siri: Game-Changer, Not Gimmick

“If you value tech specs over practical real-world battery life, if you would like to choose from a variety of screen sizes ranging from 3-4.5 inches, if you would prefer a thicker bulkier form factor to accomodate large LTE chips and a bigger battery to power said LTE chips, then the iPhone is not and never will be the phone for you. And, lucky for you, there’s another platform, Android, that offers you everything you want.”

— John Gruber, in Thoughts and Observations Regarding This Week’s iPhone 4S Event